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How do You Stand?

There are two (2) basic two-handed  Shooting Stances or Shooting positions taught with regard to Pistols.

The "Isosceles" position and the "Weaver" position. 

The more traditional is the Isosceles position which resembles a tri-angle: the feet are spaced about shoulder width apart and both arms are extended equally holding from the firearm creating the tri-angle effect.  This stance is most seen and used in target shooting or when a stationary position is desired.  If necessary, the shooter can  pivot from the waist to alter the line of fire.

The other position, the "Weaver", is different in several ways.  The stance is more like a boxer's, with one foot ahead of the other at a 45 degree angle while the shooting arm is straight and into the supporting hand and the supporting arm can be bent almost to a right angle.  The creates a "push", "pull" affect between the hands.  This stance is often seen in movies when police, played by actors, search through a home.  The arms may be placed closer to the body rendering more protection of the firearm.  This stance is more comfortable for me and gives me the stability and movement I need; but that's me, what about You?

The choice is yours; the concern on which stance to employ is two-fold: one of balance and one of mobility.

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