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The horrible evil that took place in that school in Connecticut was beyond words.  It is shameful that the news media and the politicians have jumped immediately on the “Ban Guns” bandwagon. 

What has happened has happened; the question is how to make it more difficult for this awful tragedy never to be allowed again.  First of all, evil will always be here, but let’s attempt to combat it more efficiently and with purpose.  Read the following:

POINT 1: Did you know that that crazy nut who shot up the Aurora Co. theater bypassed 2 or 3 other theaters because those theaters allow people to carry guns!  The mainstream media won't tell you that.  That proves that criminal won't commit crime where people legally carry guns!  He wore body armor not so that he could put up a fight when challenged by an armed person or the police, no, he wore that armor so he wouldn’t get shot!

He immediately surrendered once the police came; he didn’t put up a fight; that’s what cowardly bullies do.

POINT 2: And why don't the schools put "air marshal" types in schools as they do for planes?  Or train the Principle or one or more of the teachers how to defend themselves and their students?  The teacher that threw herself in front of her students was brave, but helpless.  She died and the students she tried to protect died; what if she had been armed and trained?

We have armed guards in most anywhere we have valuables or some things or some ones to protect; but not in schools!  WHY NOT?!

No, the politicians and the anti-gun people would rather disarm the people who have firearms legally (because they’re the only ones the government know about or would comply), because then they would feel better, not safer.

 If you look back at all the shootings that have happened this year, who are the shooters: mentally impaired or terrorists.  But the politicians believe they could simply ask these evil or deranged people and they would gleefully give up their firearms.

 Question:  What about the person who back in the 1920’s went into a school with dynamite?  That was the greatest disaster of all.  He never had a firearm!

Bombs, sadly enough, can do much, much more carnage than one or two firearms and do it indiscriminately.

Violence is a fact of life, sad, but true.  We can try to make our children, homes and ourselves safer, but we must realize we can never be 100% safe.  The government cannot keep us safe, they send people to their deaths in stupid wars.  The police will admit, they’re an “after the fact” solution; when seconds count, they’ll be there in minutes.  I’m not blaming the police, they cannot be everywhere all the time.

 Your best place to look for safety is to look in the mirror.

 God bless an stay safe.



February 18th, 2013

Is anyone Listening?  Please let me know.

Lead by Example!

I am sick and tired of the government telling us what to eat, how much we should eat and when.  Would you like a large bottle of soda?  You can’t, if you’re in New York City. 

The government is trying to rule, not govern every aspect of our lives.  WAKE UP AMERICA!
Now they’re really trying to go after our 2nd Amendment Right.  Every official before taking office must take an oath to honor and uphold our Constitution; but what is an oath to public officials? 

The government doesn’t care about your children, your family or friends; they put them in jeopardy ever day of their lives, with the cheaper made cars, junk metal for our bridges, etc.

What they’re really after is our guns, our defense to protect ourselves from bad people, bad places and bad government.  Their plan is simple and effective:  first put an unknown untested man in the most powerful position in the world!  Slowly have the government invade every aspect of our lives; make us more and more dependent on them.  How?  By increasing unemployment, increasing the use of food stamps, more welfare, in short, create a nanny-state.
What happens when good, honest working or trying to find work citizens have had enough?  They stop and say, “We’ve been through this before, remember, 1776?” and if the government doesn’t listen it’s back to “We the People”.

Recently in Missouri, their state government is trying to pass a gun ban law that is so anti-American I can’t believe it!  If it passes honest law abiding gun citizens will become felons if they have an “assault” rifle, a high capacity magazine, or a gun with a removable magazine!  Also, they’re ignoring the “grandfather” law where if you already own the firearm you’re safe.  Oh no, you must turn in these guns within 90 days or become a felon!

In Missouri the police have told people if you’re a Tea Party member or you have a flag or bumper sticker that has the “Don’t Tread on Me” statement, you must be a terrorist!
Is this America or Russia? Are we a Democracy/Republic or communist?   Minnesota is trying the same law.

The government will keep taking and ruling us as long as we let them.  They want to take away our 2nd Amendment Right, not for our own good, but so when they push too far, we cannot push back! We do not want a king or a dictator leading our country, so now is the time for us to say, enough! I want this government control to stop now and peacefully.

I will consider giving up my fireams AFTER every single state and federal government official gives up THEIR firearms and THEIR bodyguards who are also armed to the tooth!  Remember, these people work for us, we do NOT work for them.  I say they're fired!

Let your congressman or congresswoman know we’re Americans and freedom and our rights are protected by our Constitution and by God.  Take a stand now or be subject to socialism; the choice is yours, for now.

February 4th, 2013

Is this still America?  Now the government has stated that it has the right to kill any American that it believes or simply thinks is a threat!  They can do this without due process, it is assumed that the American is guilty until found innocent!  Which can't happen 'cause they'll be DEAD, KILLED, MURDERED!  Where is this written in our Constitution?

Is anyone out there concerned about America?  Let your voices be heard while you can still speak without being "DRONED".


January 19th, 2013 

There is an attack in the works, again, but this time it's more serious than ever before!  The government is hungry for even more control.  They have been eager to take our 2nd Amendment rights away for years.  Now the President believes he has complete authority to do just that!  And what are the law-abiding gun advocate citizens doing about it?

Never forget, "IT'S OUR GOVERNMENT!"  We tell our government what we want, what is our rights provided to us by the Constitution.

WAKE UP PEOPLE!  On January 19th, the NRA and other Gun Rights organizations are calling for legal good gun advocates to go to your local gun ranges, sign up for a course, do something to support your gun rights.

And please, if you are not a member of the NRA or in Illinois, a member of the ISRA, join now! This is our warning shot, maybe our last warning shot, you must not sit back and hope there are enough other people to stand up for YOUR rights.

If you want to be able to protect yourself and your family in the future, you must make your voice heard now.  You can do this by contacting your representative, educate your friends and neighbors about safe gun handling.  

Please do something positive and above all legally and peacefully to demonstrate to the world we have our rights; the right to protect ourselves and our loved ones.

God bless America!




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