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We don’t have an unemployment problem,
We don’t have a problem with our economy,
We don’t have a food stamp problem,
We don’t have a welfare problem,
We don’t have socialized medicine,
We don’t have a social security problem,
We aren’t in up to our @#$% in debt,
We aren’t hated by foreign countries,
We don’t have foreign ambassadors assassinated,
We don’t have. . Oh, well, why go on? We [the USA] don’t have any major problems.
Now I see why. . .
Because the President and our government is spending money and time and focus on GUN CONTROL!!  We don’t have any problems, so why not go after the honest, law-abiding gun owning citizens? After all, they’re only honest, law-abiding, gun owning citizens. They’re easy-pickings! We [the government] can finally accomplish something.
WHAT! Is anyone out there in this ever-expanding internet as angry and amazed as I am?
Where are all the, “We the People” that fought, bled and died for our freedoms? How dare this government abuse the very document that they raised their right hand to swear an oath?
Take an example: our veterans, mostly kids at the start, grew into men and women, many under the shadow of blood, fighting and seeing all that this world can throw at them, and then most returning home. Home to the country they love and protected, but realizing that this country does not want to protect them or even allow them to protect themselves and their loved ones. If they go to the VA just to talk, they’re declared unstable; can’t sleep sometimes: disabled.
What’s in stall for the rest of us? The Second Amendment must be infringed upon; it’s archaic, it never referred to “automatic weapons of war” or “assault rifles”, oh, except muskets were okay, I guess.   But wait, civilians don’t have “automatic weapons of war” or “assault rifles”, legally at least.   I suppose the ban on any magazines that carry seven rounds or more is okay, the patriots had to load one musket ball at a time.   Didn’t our Founding Fathers have the foresight to put that right into the amendment?
Everyone better wake up, our nation is in a terrible state, and I don’t believe it got this way unintentional. The world is a tinder box. We let a religious person be held captive and tortured and that’s okay. We turn a deaf ear to our ambassador and Special Forces personnel to be on their own and put up one hell of a fight only to be murdered; but what’s the difference? Why poke into it now? THEY’RE ALL DEAD ANYWAY! And we go back to watching TV, eating dinner, going out.
Folks, the government has all but taken over and not in a way for the people! If you didn’t understand the reasoning behind the Founding Fathers constructing the Second Amendment, you’re about to find out real soon; it’s already in the works.
The government wants, needs, to disarm the people; it’s the only way to rule them! And we are letting that happen believing that the government wants to protect us from ourselves. Please, do you honestly believe that. . .I’ve got some land for sale!
The government sends our children to war, under-manned, under-protected and disregarded when they return. Abortions: it’s okay, the government even funds this murder and not only before birth, but even after the child is born; as long as the murder is performed within a reasonable amount of time.
But the government wants to protect us. We have ObamaCare! Whew! I was wondering how old I have to be before i could die! Now it’s basically up to the government. But until then, they’ll feed me, house me and keep me safe from those hunters and veterans.
Do you feel safer now? Is it time to get that one-on-many interview with your rep.?
We once were a nation of Eagles, don’t become a country of Sheep.
It’s the eleventh hour and, “The British are coming, the British are. . .” No, my mistake, “The Government is coming, the Government is . . .HERE!”

God bless the United States of America!

I created this site because I love America and what she has stood for since 1776.  In my opinion the Founding Fathers created the most unique of all documents created by and for mankind (religious  material excluded): the Constitution of the United States of America. 

This document is the only document created from the bottom up.  By this I mean it was written for the individual and his/her rights versus a document designed for the top (government) down to the people.

I believe the Second Amendment is the most important right of all because it is the one that protects all the other rights.

We have an obligation to uphold and defend the Constitution and she will defend and protect us.

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