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The following comment are from my latest CCW class on November 23rd, 2013.


Thanks again for the class. I honestly don't have any negative or constructive feedback. You did a great job covering everything necessary and even went above and beyond, while being fun and lighthearted about a serious subject. I will be recommending you to everyone that I know, looking to get their CCW training! Thanks again, Hank. 


I think the class was extremely informative and very worthwhile, after you go thru all the legal info, you realize you really don’t want to fire the gun at anyone!
You have quite a passion to get us all trained correctly and using the correct techniques to avoid injury – that is greatly appreciated.
I think the overall class size was OK, maybe a smaller class size would be more beneficial to us slower learners which allows for more one on time training time.
I think a follow up class on technique & training is a GREAT idea – sign me up!  Mike


Jim, Jan and I really enjoy your classes.  The CCW class was really fun.  We are planning on using the drills we learned in class when we go for our monthly shoot by ourselves.
The classroom part of the class was also fun.  Very informative, to the point and entertaining.  
We are looking forward to taking your Utah CCW class.  Please let us know when i is available.
Feel free to post our comments.  Ken & Jan


Hello Jim,
Your training classes are most informative... "And so it goes, the way it's goin' no one knows!" (Nick Lowe.)
Thanks for all your instruction. I find it is best to be as knowledgeable as one can
in regards to our current gun laws.  Patrick and Sharon


Hi Jim! 
I thoroughly enjoyed the CCW class. I found it very informative, fun and engaging! I always recommend your name to anyone interested in taking and type of firearm course.
As for future classes, I would really like to take a class that focuses more on the tactical aspect of dealing with a suspect. This would include, how to safely confront/ disarm an assailant with a gun or knife, use of a kubaton, basic pressure point positions, holster drawing, dealing with a misfire/ jam, as well as, more "under stress" shooting exercises. 
Hope any of these ideas help! See you soon!

End of comments on the CCW Nov. 23rd class 

I took an NRA course taught by Jim and found him to be very straightforward, knowledgeable and personable. He knew all of the material he presented and took whatever time was needed to make all of the students in the class feel confortable and understanding of his presentation. At the range we again took the time for all of the students to understand the best way to hold and use a pistol and revolver. In closing, what I found most unusual about Jim, is that before and after the class he made follow-up calls to make sure that me and my wife were understanding of revolvers/pistols, where to buy ammo, and how to select another firearm. People like this are very hard to find in life. Great job Jim


Jim H. Review and Testamonial.

 On 8/29/2012 I completed the NRA Basic Pistol Shooting course. The course was taught by Jim Marzullo, an NRA certified instructor in, NRA Pistol, First Steps, and NRA Home Firearm Safety.

 I recently purchased my first handgun and realized that in order to handle the gun safely, legally and effectively that I would need to attend a comprehensive course that involved classroom as well as actual range firing instruction.  

 The NRA Basic Pistol shooting course as taught by Jim Marzullo fulfilled those objectives.  The classroom segment established a firm understanding of the basics of gun safety in all venues, introduction of pistol types and functionality, aiming, firing and proper safety protocol at the range.  We also were taught exercises and techniques that the novice and even experienced gun owner needs to know and practice in order to achieve and maintain proficiency with handguns.

 The course also included actual range firing of a revolver and several semi-automatic handguns.

 Jim’s familiarity with the course material, his depth of experience as a gun owner and shooter make him the ideal instructor for this type of course. He effectively relayed the course information and interlaced it with his own personal experiences.  I left the course feeling confident in my ability to safely and effectively use and maintain a handgun.



I would recommend this course to anyone who is new to pistols or who has not had a formal course in handguns.


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